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Home Staging Service 


Staging to Sell 

Creating an emotional connection, and making the customer experience how it feels like living in that property, exponentially increasing the chance of  higher offers and more viewing, expediting the sales.

Staging properties focus on depersonalising the decoration, adding a neutral and conducive environment for the future buyer, expediting their decision.

My aim is to maximise the space, enhance features and create a look that will appeal to many buyers.

Preparing the home for sale is a great way to get the best from a property and to get buyers in the door. It also makes it more difficult for potential buyers to ask for a reduced price when a property is excellently presented.


Staging my home to let 

Staging holiday rentals make a huge impact to attract your guests.  By creating the perfect lifestyle your guests want from their holiday home, they will connect emotionally with the place, feeling a sense of belonging.

Staged holiday rentals are more attractive, helping you achieve a great number of occupancy, no more empty space, even in the low season, it will be a stunning transformation.

We can provide design, sourcing of furniture and accessories, styling as well as professional photography and if you like to go ahead without our hands-on, we can provide full a written report after visiting the property or a Virtual Appraisal with a written report.

The property will be ready to rent and look stunning. 


Services Includes 

  • Online Consultation 

  • Staging Consultation

  • Partial or Full home  Styling Service