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2 years ago

Leticia made me feel so at ease from the first call. Our consultation went so great and we decided to go ahead and had such a great experience with her. Having just moved back, I had a lot of decluttering and organisation to do so I can feel less overwhelmed and she helped me massively. She was patient, kind and understanding and definitely made such a massive improvement in how I was feeling before to how I feel now about my room. She was very organised and kept me focused which helped me feel much better about the task at hand. After the session, felt so much lighter and happier. Would definitely recommend! Thanks a lot, Leticia

3 years ago

Leticia is very sweet person and passionate about what she's doing as a home improvement professional. She helped us unpacked lots of boxes, sorted those items and put them in sensible places after we moved to a new house and offered us very useful ideas of how to organise our stuff. Thanks Leticia.

3 years ago

This blog inspired me to start to look, and work, into my own house. I want “Less is more” in my life.
And I wouldn’t recommend a different professional to help anyone with this task.
What a sweet and helpful person LetĂ­cia is. And she does her job with excellence and unmatched capacity.
I cannot thank enough to have her in my life. 🥰

Mr Abreu
3 years ago

A very much appreciated! No words can describe how helpful she was, Leticia was amazing!!!!
What an amazing job LetĂ­cia did packing and unpacking and organising my entire house because I recently moved to my new HOME and I wanted to make sure this time was everything perfect.
The organisational pieces she also brought were perfect for the space and everything fit beautifully.

I would highly recommend LetĂ­cia!!!


Oana Munteanu
3 years ago

LetĂ­cia is awesome, the money was well spent and we got a lot accomplished.

LetĂ­cia was understanding, patient, and calm.

She made a huge dent into our declutter process and had some great ideas on how to utilise our new space.

Thank you LetĂ­cia for taking such a huge stress off my shoulders.

You are great!!!

Janine McLocklin
3 years ago

I was so overwellemed by my clutter, that I did not know where to start. Leticia helped me every step of the way and did not rush me. She was polite and give me excellent tips and advice. I feel so much more relaxed in my home.